UC Berkeley's: Negotiations and Influence

The Art of Working With People To Get Things Done

In our intensive and interactive three-day Negotiations and Influence Program, you will evaluate your own skills and predispositions, test yourself and the key concepts through a series of tough exercises, and dissect your performance with an eye toward fine-tuning your negotiating and influencing abilities. Unlike other trainings, which teach distributive, short-term negotiation skills, our interactive program helps you develop long-term, high-productivity relationships critical to business success.

The program will give you greater confidence and better results in challenging situations. Graduates also report an improved ability to navigate the daily internal workings of their companies and communities.

The class is led by award winning Haas lecturer Holly Schroth, Social Psychologist, and a leading author of negotiation exercise materials used by educators and trainers across the globe.

"The Negotiations course at UC Berkeley is thorough, challenging, and very interactive.  It is rigorous training and a great marriage of theory and practical experience."

David Lundberg, Managing Director, Altus Traffic


Access new research on building trust

Learn from Holly Schroth’s extensive research on key behaviors and phrases that can help build trust and find out what can lead to distrust.

Who Should Attend the UC Berkeley Negotiation Training Program?

This program is invaluable for anyone who needs to influence others in their work. Past attendees include product management, sales, marketing, business development, technical managers, procurement, and executive management.


Special Offers

  • Group Discount: Fifth person from a firm is free


Holly Schroth is a Senior Lecturer at UC Berkeley and consultant to numerous of Silicon Valley companies. She has won numerous teaching awards and is a leading author of negotiation exercise materials used worldwide by educators and trainers.

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