UC Berkeley's: Pricing for Profitability in the Information Age

"I can't imagine a course yielding a higher ROI than this."

Murray Innes, Manager, Mobile Augers &; Research Ltd.

Companies leave millions, sometimes billions, of dollars on the table every year through sub-optimal pricing practices. The current abundance of customer data, in the context of increased global competition and the instant information sharing made possible by the internet, requires companies to not only set the right prices, but to continually monitor and refine pricing.

The Berkeley-Haas Pricing program equips managers with proven techniques for assessing, formulating, and monitoring pricing strategies. You will learn several powerful principles of pricing, and will explore innovative approaches that take full advantage of the rapid changes brought about by the information age.

"Pricing for Profitability is an immediate value-add critical topics such as creative pricing, product line pricing and bundling and price customization are covered by top-notch instructors in a well-paced, engaging program."

Thomas Lim, CFO, VP Finance, TigerLogic Corporation

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Benefits of the UC Berkeley pricing training program

Upon completion of this course, you will:

Who Should Attend the UC Berkeley pricing training program?

This course is targeted to Product Management, Marketing, Pricing, and Finance professionals who are responsible for pricing products and services. This course is ideal for the Executive who has responsibility for pricing an entire product or service line.

Dr. Teck Ho Discusses the Pricing Program

A video of Dr. Teck Ho discussing the pricing program is available on YouTube.


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  • Group Discount: Fourth person from a firm is free


Award-winning UC faculty include:

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